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If you are on a tight budget (or you’re the sort of person who tends to lose a lot of headphones), the AKG Y20U is a solid choice. The quality of sound you get for the price is pretty fantastic, and they have a single button remote and mic. That said, the Y20U lack the clarity in the highs and lower bass notes that you’ll find in our pick. If Y20U are good, our $100 pick is great.

As with all other aspects of the sport, differences exist between genders on the approach to and the effects of middle distance training. For example, females' kinematic responses to competition footwear, such as racing flats or spikes, differs significantly from males' ( Logan, Hunter, Hopkins, Feland, & Parcell, 2010 ). Most notably, younger female runners at are at a higher risk of overuse injury than males ( Rauh, Margherita, Rice, & Koepsell, 2000 ). In terms of acute injuries, boys are more likely to suffer from pelvic issues, while girls are more likely to sustain ankle injuries ( Reid, Nelson, Roberts, & McKenzie, 2012 ). Stress fractures, one of the most common chronic issues affecting runners, are influenced by different factors for male and female runners:

I've had two weekend trips. But only one gig, not a whole weekend. To be honest with you, I pulled back a lot of dates in April because I wanted to be home as much as I could. She's now three weeks old, in those three weeks I've done two gigs, which was this weekend and the last weekend. I kind of pulled it back. In May, I have the tour over in the US as you know, and other dates in Ibiza and stuff. I've got to get back into work. and I do enjoy performing, so its kind of - it's my other baby, so to speak.

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Rusko - Feels So RealRusko - Feels So RealRusko - Feels So Real

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